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Company profile

We are one of the largest producers of sheet metal ventilation and exhaust ducts and accessories on the Slovak and Czech market.



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Company’s mission statement

The mission of GreMi KLIMA as a manufacturing enterprise is to deliver the highest quality products on the market to our partners by the agreed deadlines and in an exceptional level of quality. With annual production capacities of 300,000 m2 of rectangular ventilation ducts, 350,000 m of spiral ducts and 100,000 m2 of pre-insulated ventilation ducts, we’re ready to meet the needs of our partners and to respond flexibly.


GreMi KLIMA was established as a manufacturing enterprise in Liptovská Lúžna in 2007. The plant covered a total of 1000 m2 of floor space and had a total of 12 manufacturing staff. Thanks to increasing production volumes, the company relocated to its own 3,000 m2 facility in the town of Likavka, located near Ružomberok, in 2013.
A new production facility for the manufacturing of pre-insulated ventilation ducts was established in 2014 at the company’s first plant in Liptovská Lúžna. The company current has 4,000 m2 of manufacturing space and 50 employees.

Reasons to work with us

GreMi KLIMA was established as a manufacturing enterprise in 2007. Since that time, the company has gained experience, undergone numerous innovations, currently uses modern technical equipment and has highly qualified personnel, thanks to which we are the most comprehensive partner on the Czech and Slovak market.

Manufacture and transport

Thanks to a logistics centre and an in-house fleet of trailer trucks and smaller delivery trucks, we’re well positioned to flexibly deliver our products directly to the site of installation.

Shipping quality control system

GreMi KLIMA places a high priority of ensuring all orders shipped to customers are delivered exactly on time, complete and at the highest level of quality. Spiral ducts are tested at the manufacturing plant for precision tolerances and interchangeability. This means that every shipped part is physically checked and tests with other dimensionally identical items in the system order. This reduces the risk of time lost at the site of installation to a minimum.

Labelling of shipped products

Every product comes labelled with a production tag with a QR code and a specified layout number, order number and other signage as specified in the requirements.


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Business name: GreMi KLIMA, s.r.o.
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Org. ID: 36424676

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The controller processes the personal data of data subjects for the period necessary to accomplish its obligations under their contractual arrangement and until such purpose for which the data is processed is accomplished, and to fulfil obligations under legislation concerning the maintenance of accounting, registries, etc. (accounting records are archived for 10 years, orders for 3 years). CCTV system recordings are archived for a period of 5 days and if any incidents involving damage to property or other security incidents are recorded, such recording is archived for the period until resolved pursuant to valid legislation.

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  • the controller no longer needs such personal data for the purpose of processing, but the data subject needs such data to demonstrate, exercise and defend legal entitlements.

e) The right to obtain their personal data that was provided to the controller and the right to transfer such data to another controller if processing is conducted using automated means based on an agreement or other form of consent and if technically feasible.

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i) If personal data was not obtained from the data subject, a data subject has the right to obtain such information as to the source of their personal data or information as if the data is from publicly available sources.

Who has access to your data

The controller cooperates with carriers and certain other entities who may use the provided data to ship consignments or to improve the quality and range of our services. If your consent is required for such processing, we only provide this data to processors if you have provided this consent. We only provide the processor with that data necessary to accomplish their services.


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